I have received a Proxy Manager license key. Where do I enter it?
  Click File | Proxy Manager Options in Outlook
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  Click Register button in the Proxy Manager Options dialog.
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  Enter the license key in the Register Proxy Manager dialog
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I am trying to manually enter an SMTP address to send from in the From dropdown in Outlook, but I keep receiving a non-delivery report.
  Exchange server does not allow to send from an arbitrary SMTP address. You can only send from your primary or one of the proxy addresses.
I need to install Proxy Manager on multiple machines without any user interaction. Does Proxy Manager installer allow that?
  You can download the zip file with the dlls, copy the appropriate version of the dll  (ProxyMan32.dll for a 32 bit version of Outlook and ProxyMan64.dll for a 64 bit version) to any folder and register it using regsvr32.exe. No elevated privileges are required - Proxy Manager installs itself in HKCU if it cannot be installed in HKLM.
You can use these dlls to install Proxy Manager automatically (regsvr32.exe /s) without any user interaction from, for example, a Windows logon script. You can also copy the license key (stored in the RegistrationKey value in HKCU\Software\AdvancedMessagingSystems\ProxyMan) to make sure the outgoing messages do not include a footer using a command similar to the one below:
REG ADD "HKCU\Software\AdvancedMessagingSystems\ProxyMan" /v "RegistrationKey2" /t REG_SZ /d "xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx"
I am on a slow / high latency connection and Proxy Manager frequently returns TCP/IP timeout errors when sending messages. Is there a way to increase the SMTP connection timeout?
  Yes, you can create a Timeout value (either string or DWORD) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AdvancedMessagingSystems\ProxyMan
The value is in milliseconds; for example. to set a 60 seconds timeout the value must be 60000.
The default value (without the Timeout registry value) is 10 seconds.
What kind of SMTP authentication does Proxy Manager support?
  Proxy Manager supports Login, Plain, and CRAM-MD5 authentication.  If your server does not require authentication (e.g. if it uses authentication based on the IP address), you can leave the user name edit box empty; Proxy Manager will skip the SMTP authentication.
Our company would like to prevent end users from being able to specify arbitrary display names when sending through Proxy Manager.
  You can create a DWORD registry value named CanEditNames with the value of 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AdvancedMessagingSystems\ProxyMan. User names will default to the display name of the Exchange account.