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AlgebraGuru is your companion for tackling mathematics, whether you're brushing up on high school concepts, working on your math homework, or diving into complex college-level algebra or calculus courses. Unlike other apps, Algebra Guru is completely self-contained and does not require network access or any external websites or services to function


  • Simplification: Effortlessly condense algebraic expressions.

  • Calculus: Differentiate and integrate with respect to any variable, compute definite integrals, and evaluate expression limits.  

  • Equation Solving: Tackle single equations or entire systems.

  • Matrix Operations: Execute a range of matrix functions such as determinants, inverses, row echelon forms, adjugates, powers, ranks, and traces.

  • Series: Calculate Taylor and Maclaurin series for a function.

  • Factorization: Break down numbers and expressions into their simplest components.

  • Numeric Evaluations: Compute the exact value of any given expression.

  • Polynomial Expansion: Multiply out and express polynomials in standard form.

  • Expression Alternatives: Discover various forms of a single expression.

Dive into the world of math with AlgebraGuru and unlock your full mathematical potential!