Application Trust and Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This policy document outlines the use of system capabilities within the "AlgebraGuru" application ("the Application") developed by Advanced Messaging Systems LLC. The purpose of this document is to inform users of the reasons behind the required system permissions and to assure them of their data's safety and privacy.

2. Use of runFullTrust Capability

The Application uses the runFullTrust capability, which grants it a broader range of system access than typical applications. This capability is required to provide a feature-rich web content experience through the WebView2 control.

3. WebView2 Control and Data Handling

The WebView2 control, based on the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser, is utilized in the Application to display web content. Importantly:

4. Data Privacy

Advanced Messaging Systems LLC respects user privacy and ensures that:

5. Updates and Revisions

This policy may be updated to reflect changes in the Application's functionality or to provide clarity on data handling practices. Users are encouraged to review this policy periodically.

6. Contact Information

For any concerns, questions, or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact:

Advanced Messaging Systems LLC