RDOReminders object


RDOReminders collection represents all reminders from a given store. On the MAPI level, reminders in Outlook are implemented as a search folder that looks for all items with the reminder set. By default the search folder searches in the Inbox, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks folders.

Note that RDO (unlike CDO 1.21) exposes reminders on the store level, not session. This means that you can manipulate reminders from a store other than the default one, e.g. a delegate mailbox.


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The example below prints out all active reminders from the default store.

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
Session.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT
set Store = Session.Stores.DefaultStore
set Reminders = Store.Reminders
for each Reminder in Reminders
  Debug.Print Reminder.Caption & " - " & Reminder.IsVisible

Derived from: IDispatch


Count Integer, read-only. Returns the number of reminders in the collection.  
_Item(Index) Returns an RDOReminder object representing a reminder with a give index (integer, 1 through Count). Default property.  
SearchFolder Returns an RDOSearchFolder object representing the underlying MAPI search folder used by the Reminders collection.  
Store Returns an RDOStore object representing the parent store.  


EnableStoreReminders Verifies that the Reminders search folder exists and recreates it if necessary.
Item(Index) Returns an RDOReminder object representing a reminder with a given index (integer, 1 through Count).  
Remove(Index) Removes (dismisses) the reminder with a given index (1 through Count).