RDORssItem object


RDORssItem object represents an RSS item in one of the Outlook folders. RDORssItem is derived from the RDOMail object and as such inherits all the properties, methods and events implemented by the RDOMail object and adds the following methods and properties


Everywhere RDOMail object is normally returned (RDOSession.GetMessageFromID, RDOFolder.Items, etc), RDORssItem will be returned if the message class is "IPM.Post.Rss".





Derived from: IDispatch



String, read-only.

Contains the contents of the <title> field from the XML of the Atom <feed> or RSS <channel>.




String, read-only.

Contains the URL of the RSS or Atom feed from which the XML file came.




String, read-only.

A full article containing the contents of the linked document. Full article is stored as an attachment on the RSS item.

If the article has never been downloaded, reading the FullArticle property will force Redemption to download the article and store it as an attachment. Note that Redemption does not automatically save the RSS item: if you want to save it, read the Modified property after accessing the FullArticle property, and, if it is true, call Save.


'assuming an RSS item is selected in Outlook, read the full article

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
Session.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT
set Item = Session.GetMessageFromID(Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection(1).EntryID)
MsgBox Item.FullArticle
if Item.Modified Then
End If



String, read-only.

Contains a unique identifier for the object, copied from one of the following elements.

RSS items

Atom entries







Integer, read-only.

Contains a hash of the feed XML computed using an implementation-dependent algorithm; Used to quickly determine whether two items are different.




String, read-only.

Contains the URL of the link from the item (the contents of the <link> sub-element of an RSS item, or the value of the href attribute of the main <link> sub-element of an Atom entry).




String, read-only.

Contains the <item> element and all its sub-elements from an RSS feed, or the <entry> element and all its sub-elements from an Atom feed.




String, read-only.

Contains the userís preferred name for the subscription.