Distributable version of Redemption comes with a bonus library - ProfMan. 

Normally MAPI profiles can only be manipulated using Extended MAPI in C/C++/Delphi. ProfMan library allows to manipulate MAPI profiles from any language, including VB and VB script. as well as any .Net language, such as C# or VB.Net.

Note: Outlook 98/2000 installed in the Internet Only Mode (IMO) does not have profiles.

Installing Profman: Profman.dll is a regular self-registering COM dll; to register it either run regsvr32.exe Profman.dll or mark the dll as self-registering in your favorite installer.

To learn more about the Extended MAPI profiles, download OutlookSpy from this site and click in the IProfAdmin button on the OutlookSpy toolbar/ribbon.